Doctor App

Yesterday I was searching in Google that ‘is there any app to detect all diseases accurately and prescribe the proper generic drugs’. The search result shows that there is only one app is available who can detect most diseases by using a drop of blood and spectrography. The price is $200 or plus minus.

Medical & health service is costly and most of the people cannot bear the high cost to meet up the medical bill. And most of the people have no specific idea about real cost of any medical treatment.

In India, medical business is a most profitable business and many business houses have entered this field. They use the name Super Multispeciality Hospital. Get land from government at cheap rate and invest 300 crore to 700 crore rupees to run those private hospital. Generally poor people cannot avail treatment from there. Their daily bill average not less than 50,000 rupees and if a patient admits there for 10 days, straightway patient party have to pay 5 lakh rupees or more.

Most of the Indian household cannot save 5 lakh rupees in whole life meeting all expenses. 

The doctors are champion, and there is no central data bank to study the case history of a patient, and if the patient changes doctor, again it would require fresh pathological reports, clinical reports also new medicines. The previous used medicines remaining strip will not return the medicine shops.

The very pathetic situation is when you are draining loads of money of doing various tests, changing medicines and running after specialist doctors, you cannot knowing about the detection of disease. I have bitter experience and truly now-a-days I do not trust any specialist doctor and their procedure of treatment.

So if World Health Organisation and other reputed research institutes come together and develop an app which can detect all diseases and instant prescribe the proper medicines following the body spectrometric color of patient and if the app can get free access in any smartphone, then men can save their life from corporate greed and the evil nexus of some greedy doctors, pharma manufacturer and blood sucking business houses.


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