14th February

When I was young never heard about Valentine Day. I think this day I have been hearing since 10-12 years. I was college student then and our hangout spot was outside lawn of someone house, one day we friends were debating about consumerism of everything. My point was the commercial houses alias business groups always try to use people’s sentiment and convert to sales.

When a baby borns there is cost, doctor’s fees, medicines, hospital bill etc. From the day1 and the last day – in total time span human being is consumer. Maybe the definition of Consumer can be as like, who consumes by paying money to avail commodities, goods, services can be called consumer. There are other definition too.

Every year new new day is coming and focusing as today is this day tomorrow is that day, so gift your nearest and dearest one, come our shop or visit our website and get some per cent off. You expense and never think of savings. If you do require money then loan is available.

This practice falls people into debt trap and when an individual cannot manage his expenses automatically he becomes the prey of debt trap. The same symptom can observe in business even in government.

The strategy is to create a gap, void mechanism nourishes loan market. There lenders are usually Lord, somewhere Borrowers are Lord – those are the big fish, not the small fry of you and me.

According to story Valentine day is the symbol of love, so making happy to girl friend or boy friend do gift. Absolute marketing technique, a hype, and boosting up sales. How much love ultimately occurs, I have strong doubt, there remain only consumerism.

Better it can say 14th February is Consumerism Day instead of Valentine.

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