Interesting insights

I did not note in which date I had opened my free account for my new blog without having any specific target on texting daily. I asked myself what for I have been sparing my time here without any return. Return means obviously any monetary return though I am accessing WordPress platform  FREE

Most probably I have started posting in my WordPress blog from February 4, 2017. Initially I thought and worried of traffic, where from they will visit into my online web diary. Because I am not a good story teller and cannot write any odd stuff which did not happen in my life. I am a common simple people as failure is the major friend in my life. So, I try to express my pain in my own way which is real life story the things what I had experienced in my 59 years life span.

Coming here and nurturing WordPress administrative pannel posts, it was clear that this platform encourages people and placed their work as a blogger in list of the week’s best blog.

Sometimes funny thinking spin in my brain and last three days I have been thinking if my blog post place in the week’s best choice –

No Way!

Whatever my projection of this write up is different, that is insights of my blog. Here is the summary :

From February 4 to February 12, 2017 total views is 240, visitors 173, likes 36, comment 1.

I tried to follow the guideline of WordPress as visiting other blogs, liking their posts and commenting too. But except Google+ and Tumblr, WhatsApp I cannot share my post in Facebook, twitter. My Facebook was disabled and truly I am not liking Facebook because it looks like worst time pass. And I forgot my twitter login what I created many years ago. Twitter is most boring. I did not get a single follower. So, why should I go there to follow unknown people maybe they are celebrities or whatsoever. One thing I have observed in Facebook that in my page I got like 370+ but I liked near about 500 pages. No equal ratio.

The same experience here I am witnessing little bit.

Now the performance of my online web diary country wise visitors –

United States – 75, India – 32, Philippines – 17, United Kingdom – 12, Australia – 11, France – 8, Russia – 7, Germany – 7, Pakistan – 5, Romania – 5, Mexico – 5, Netherlands – 4, Bermuda – 4, South Africa – 4, Malaysia – 3, South Korea – 3, Norway – 3, Singapore – 3, Italy – 2, Bulgaria – 2, Hungary – 2, Canada – 2, Macedona – 2, Turkey – 2, Saudi Arabia – 2, Portugal – 2, Cyprus – 1, Paraguay – 1, Israel – 1, Ireland – 1, New Zealand – 1, Croatia – 1, Czech Republic – 1, Sweden – 1, Brazil – 1, Japan – 1, Slovakia – 1, Thailand – 1, Trinidad & Tobago – 1, Belgium – 1, Brunei – 1, Argentina – 1

Another interesting insights –

Search Engine (Google) – 21 (views) Reader – 22 (views).

Clicks — Google+ 2, 2, Media img_20170210_175427.jpg – 1.

So, in 8-9 days this performance is not bad, here I will stress on two points – One is keyword or key phrase usually rare using in content and big chance of coming in search engine not going under trap of any search engine optimization story by paying fat money. And the second point is global presence; to get global traffic traffic exchange is must otherwise no way, because when the search result open the first page it shows the local local result if not available the local listing then it presents international page (mostly US domain or sub domain).

An IT idiot’s foolish observation. If did anything wrong pardon me! 


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