Google+ and Google search

I had no idea that if any link share with Google+ automatically that link will come in first page of Google search.

Last three days I have been sharing my WordPress blog to my Google+ account. And the strange result is my WordPress blog is coming in first page of Google search.

So clearing my confusion I search in Google putting the key phrase “is there any connection with Google+ to Google search”. The first result shows in quora that Google+ is Google’s product so Google will give leverage if anything is uploaded into Google+

The truth knows Google very well if I do not know anything. But can guess. I can give an example here, some days ago I have submitted my web URL into search engines directory as free submission as if it comes in first page in search result. Today I receive a mail from a company who introduced own self that they are the partner of that search engine company and if I use their service my page rank will go high.

The indication is very clear that getting in higher page rank you have to spend money. So, what is the alternative?

Alternative is, if you one eyed and want to trust only Google then to some extent easy alternative in getting PR1, share in Google+

Your free search engine optimization is done. Try and see the immediate result.


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