Yesterday she said me in the morning that can I visit the local garments shop to see any kurti is available there within the price range 400-500 rupees as can wearable of attending a marriage party on February 18, 2017; because she is cordially invited along with her school colleagues to attend that evening party. Plying in local train in office closing hour is precarious experience especially one is lady passenger with ill health.

I told her after returning back from the wheat pulvarizing mill the ladies garments shop was not open and I will visit again at 12 noon when I will go to bring the wheat flour from the mill. After showering I went at the mill and collect wheat flour then peep at that garments shop and asked about the required kurti within the price range. The lady owner told the kurti available in her shop is the price range 1400-1500 rupees wearable to attend marriage party. So, listening the malism price I return back home and informed her.

Chottu came, he is barber, at noon to die her hair. She had plan to shop her desired kurti at evening. But unknowingly she did not go and tried searching online by her iBall Andy handset which is run by BSNL 3G SIM. The name is 3G but the net speed is like as snail’s move. I was busy then to prepare the article ‘India & I’ to insert into my WordPress blog. I told her to wait awhile, I will look in my handset.

Open shopclue portal, price is high but the displayed kurtis are not choiceable. Open Amazon India portal and in one shot a yellow colour brasso Xxl kurti we choice. Register and placed order against COD. In starting I have mentioned that the marriage party will on February 18, 2017 but the item would be delivered within 17 to 21st February. So risky na!

Invoice number #171-2397599-8820351. Immediate I open their support link and open live chat box, got some Mohammed and message him that I want to get delivery my order on 15th February without fail and informed him the reason. He assured me that I will get the delivery on 15th. The base price of that ordered kurti is 449 rupees and 40 rupees is packing charge, all total 489 rupees I have to pay cash on delivery.

Let’s see their service!


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