How to write good blog…

You can find the meaning of blog if search in Google search. Blog is noun as well as verb too. In simple sense blog is individual’s web diary in any topic, web and log combining weblog and we was departed from.weblog, now blog is existing. According to search result it finds that group can run blog as well as individual.

Writing style

What is it? Is it any specialized skill? Last seven days asking myself this question and the most possible answers I found in net those do not attract me. Because when the matter is oriented to individual, there is no pre condition that one has to follow a standard guideline as framing good sentences, including high quality images, adding american accent podcast or audio, incorporating webinar, slide show etc etc.

Niche keyword! What for? When an individual feels social insecurity and cannot reach his voice to the ear of state, he or she desperately search any medium where can express own voice in own style as in born habituate. Here no one can teach and make change of that person’s life.

How I will react that cannot put over me

Yes! How I will react or how I will express my observation that no one can make set and put over me. In true sense you could not relate with my problems and simultaneously I cannot relate with your problem due to virtual reality.

My analysis

Let me set my own choice how I will handle my online diary, the liberty why I will make for somebody’s entertainment and open up the sluice gate of revenue generating whether at the end of day releasing some texts (full of frustration, scare, anger, timid aspiration and few more) with no point of return has been making no sense of robotic human clone. Professional blogger who is hired to write article or content either for any media house or for any company. If I am individual blogger why will bother to attend blogging course when I know better about my online diary link with my lifestyle, and other cannot count that chicken before hatch.

Am I wrong Sir?

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