After Durga Puja we were planning where we can go for a short tour in my state, West Bengal. Thinks a lot but did not come into conclusion where where and where 

Digha, Bakkhali, Bolepur, Chandipur even Puri was travelled several times. At last we decided that we will go at Bishnupur. Bishnupur is famous historical place for Mallabhum Kingdom and their made up Terracotta temples, fort.

Called Mrityunjoy and asked him to come our home at evening. He attended at evening around 7 O’clock. Explained him that we will go at Bishnupur by his car day after tomorrow morning because we will have lunch at there.

I had a pending worship to the goddess ‘Chhinnomasta’ the alternate sign of Goddess ‘Kali’. You know, in Hindu mythology there are loads of God and Goddess. And their description was found in Rig Veda and in epics. Are they exist or not that was not my research subject and not ofcourse argument. 

In Bengali proverb there is an interesting quote – Roth dekha, Kala becha; it means – Travel and knowledge.

Our bag was ready with clothes and some useful items. Mrityunjoy came at dot 8 morning. Locked the doors and we ride on his car, he started engine, wheels were started to move forward. We chalked out our plan that we will have our breakfast on way.

Durgapur Express Way is a beautiful road of international standard. The car was running through that road. Some kilometers later it took left turn and take Tarakeswar bounded road. Crossing Kamarkundu level crossing we hault, and entered a road side petty shop where puffed rice, peas curry, egg fry and tea was our breakfast.

Up to Arambagh the entire route was familiar to me because I had travelled previous. Entered Bankura district, that was my first visit to Bankura. Fall in love to see the scenic beauty of Bankura. I was seated beside Mrityunjoy. He said now the Jaypur jungle is ahead and if our luck is good we can see bunch of elephants in the jungle. Caution notice are there, mentioned – Do not horn, this is elephant corridor. The jungle is 11 Km in length and the road is among the jungle. Here road means State highway. Road is smooth, no bumpy, no jumpy.

We reached at Bishnupur around 1 noon. Our luck did not support as watching elephant in the jungle. We get down from the car and I became spellbounded to see these fabulous temples which were made 1600 AD. Started clicking mobile camera and capturing photos. We decided now we have to finish our lunch in any food hotel. Went the Chhinnomasta temple but the priest was not present there. He will come back at temple after finishing his lunch.

Lunch menu was fantastic, absolute Bengali dish – Rice, Pulses, Fry, Fish curry, Chicken cutlet, custard, sweets and cold drinks.

Around 3 PM we reached that Chinnomasta temple and I performed worship. We had plan that we will stay at night at Bishnupur but on way Mrityunjoy insisted us to visit Mukutmanipur.

Already we had travelled 170 Km and the fuel which was poured in the fuel tank was not sufficient. So I had doubt that can we manage Mukutmanipur from Bishnupur? It was another 70 Km journey.

Stay tune to read what next….


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