Loading. Now this word is more known to all who use internet daily or occassionaly. In internet and networking, loading is converted to an epidemic disease, no medicine is invented so far to cure this net disease.

When you have urgent requirement to open any website most of the time it will be failed and the screen will show loading…


When I was college student then I read the differential calculas and the first chapter was Limit, Continuity and Infinity. Then there was no solid example of infinity, it was described in the book that ‘tends to infinity’ it may or may not have meaning.

Now I understand very clear what is ‘tends to infinity’ when I see on mobile screen ‘loading…’.

Indian cellular operators do not have any botheration about the service towards customers. Call break, loading, network fail the common issues from their birth. They will fight with each other and sling mud to rival companies, but never will focus on customers grievance on network problem.

I have two connections, one is Aircel and another is Idea. Once the Aircel connection was with Airtel. I had faced their bad service, informed them several times, when saw there is no rectification on my grievances then port to Aircel.

Aircel, I think the most worst service provider in India, because I do not see any difference of their 2G or 3G services, the net speed is same but deduction of data and cost of using 3G service is higher comparing to 2G service.

  1. Idea has same problem, I mean networking problem. Few months ago I had purchased their SIM. First two months their service was really good. From third month suddenly their service was unavailable in my area. It was stopped 9 days. I had sufficient data balance as well as talk time balance but was not able to avail their service. I informed them, a lady customer care representative called me from their end and assured me that within short period they will fix my problem. One month passed away but their normal service does not resume.

Yesterday I followed a news where it was printed that Idea will sell their tower business. In india Indus is the mobile tower installation company whose stake holders are Airtel, Vodafone and Idea. Idea has 18% stake. 

TRAI, Telephone Regulatory Authority Of India notified severally to the cellular operators of India to improve their networking as to do installation of minimum another new 22,000 mobile tower across the country. But who cares attitude showing these corporates who are engaged in this business.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is showing dream of Digital India to the citizens of India. But never stressing to improve net speed and its state of the art technology.

Search engine giant Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai, who is Indian origin and ex student of Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur came in India from their seatel office to verify how their free WiFi services are using in various railway station in the country. They have a NGO type programme to teach of using internet to rural India. He went to a village in West Bengal to gather experience about how their project is running. The lady instructor, who is a management student informed Mr. Pichai that there is no network to access internet in most of the villages so in practical sense it is useless. And another point is smartphone is costly and the minimum price is 8,000 bucks of a good branded one. Mr. Pichai had no word then to reply that lady instructor.

Here, in India business people do business for making money only denying any social responsibility towards society.

So loading, will still remain until government won’t cancel the present cellular operators’ licence and issue fresh licence to the new entrepreneurs who would have social response attitude.

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