Airbnb and I 

Last year, probably the month of October end I was searching in net that if can get any platform to rent the ground floor of our house, which was lying vacant absolutely. I have panic to rent out to the local tenant because I faced problems to give rent to a local couple. I had to take help of local police station to vacate the room. Because they had stopped paying rent and creating nuisance at drunked condition and abusing me. After that many people came at me as if I give rent. But I denied in straight way.

I found Airbnb. Read their business model and listed our premises to think if I get international boarders 8-10 days in every month so the occupency rate will come up 96-120 days in a year.

After listing in Airbnb I did install their App in my mobile. They asked me to upload the photos of our house’s outside and inside. Clicked some photos, perhaps eight photos I captured from my mobile camera. And uploaded all photos through their App. Next day got message from their end that photos are sub quality and load fresh quality photos further. And if I do require I can take help from their professional photographer. 

I replied them that my uploaded photos are original and any professional photographer cannot change the look if not edit them. I was honest in my action.

Few day passed got some enquiry especially from.Indians. The gist of the enquiry were such as – Will you give rent for unmarried couple for one or two or three days. While I created profile in Airbnb specifically I had mentioned that only married couple will allow and drinks not allowed because it is a family house and surrounding neighbours are normal common people. So cannot allow in any sense of abnormality.

I reported the whole matter to the Airbnb authority but not got any proper solution, making me angry and I uninstalled their App.

Twnty or twenty two days latter I got a call in the morning around 10:30, a gentleman introduced himself that he is calling from Airbnb Delhi office and want to listen my problems about their service. Welcomed him for calling then described him how the way I ask their assistance if I do really business with them. I offered two options –

  1. Either they will book 100 days occupancy and payment in advance following court paper agreement.
  2. Or, give me their authorisation letter in assurance of minimum business guarantee through bank so that I can get bank loan for renovation and decoration purpose to cater cozy ambience to the guests.

He informed me it is not their business policy. They offer using their platform and guests come through their gateway, they keep 15% of the tarrif what charges the guest in the time of listing.

I gave him example of OYO, that is a clone business model of Airbnb but they have changed the basic thing, they book the property in advance and manage the man power in that property as their management part. House owner just get the annual rent in advance. Also, I told that gentleman that to inform my message what came in telephonic conversation to his head office in UK to change the business model for Indian soil.

Initially StartUp sounds good, it seems that it will make a person or small number of persons make quick rich. Starting was good but in course of expansion they feel the real heat of the global market. Every country has own market momentum and if startup thinks that all model will click in all countries so I will say that it will be their blunder without in depth study of psychology and sentiment of native market.

I am not sure how much turn over Airbnb has made in Indian market, so far checking various review it is clear that they have miles to walk for grabbing in Indian market. The peoples are not fool to allow 15% barter from their revenue maybe you are techie startup or whatsoever.


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