What name should tag to this love?

Somehow I make people bore to start my personal problem related posts in WordPress. My problem is exclusively my problem, why people will bother.

Now in this post I will share a real life story

Some years ago in mid Summer my wife had decided to go in Delhi alone. That time is her summer vacation in her school. Unfortunately she is an Assistant teacher in a local primary school.

For herself I bought an eRailway Ticket from Howrah to New Delhi in Rajdhani Express. The train departure time was most probably in morning 8 O’clock. I left her station and see off. One thing I had noticed that somehow her face was not pleasant. I asked her, anything wrong….she said, No! But I understood she will be missing me very bad.

The train departed from platform then I get in car and returned back home. After lunch I came in my room, suddenly the mobile phone was start ringing. I picked up the call. The caller is she. Crying. I asked anxiously what happened? Why you are crying? Right now where is the location of the train?

Pause! After few minutes she told me I have to meet her immediate, if I do not meet her immediate she will get down from the train. Oh mah gash! What she sayin’…I then started to convince her that in any circumstances she should not get down from the train. I also assured her that next morning I will receive her at New Delhi station. The distance is 1500 miles from Kolkata, my home city.

Now, she started trusting my assurance and asking me how it would be possible? I told her I will catch next day’s first Delhi bounded flight and flying time is around 1 hour 55 minutes. I then told her that I will call back to you within an hour. Disconnecting the conversation, I ran to the local travel agent’s counter to grasp a next day’s first flight ticket for Delhi. I was lucky that point, got a ticket. Time was morning 6 O’clock. Now I called her, after overcoming some network related interruption I caught her and confirmed that I will reach Delhi airport around 8:05 AM on next morning and your train will reach in New Delhi station after 9 AM. So, don’t worry, I could receive you.

The night I cannot sleep cause of panic if I cannot awake in midnight –

Because, I got SMS from airlines company that I must reach at airport at 4 AM. The drive came at 2:30 AM with car and I left for airport in dark night. That was my first air journey in my life. Never thought that I can board on a flight. It happened really. But the journey was very boring. Though my seat was window side but no signal in mobile, so cannot use call or internet. Air crew announced, switch off mobile, fasten your seat belt. Cloud and cloud, looked like lump of cotton or snow or mountain. The next passengers was a girl and a man. The girl was nurturing an useless fashion magazine and the man was showing his gadgets, two iPhone, one note pad, one palmtop one laptop. Revising sales presentation. God damn it! One pilot announced that we are flying at 35,000 ft high altitude. But nothing was attracting me. The air crew girls are walking through the mid corridor among the seats row, noticed but thinking about their life…maybe they are well salary paid staff, but who likes to paint enough at midnight when no girl do not want to leave her cozy bed.

Whatever those things were not my cup of tea. But I felt if I get a cup of tea to erase my lethargy as non sleeping the whole night. Took a cup of coffee, a paper cup I mean half cup coffee’s price was 20 bucks. I paid and siped that water taste coffee. Eventually announced we will be now grounded at Delhi airport. And the air craft was landed on the run way in accurate time. I called my wife and asked about the location of her train. She informed me it was standing at Gajiabad –

Exit from airport first I thought I will ply by government bus to reach at New Delhi station but postponed the plan and took a taxi. The cab driver was a good man, I explained him that he has to wait outside of the New Delhi Railway station until I receive my wife and after that he will left us at hotel.

I reached New Delhi station.around 8:40 AM and she reached at 9:30 AM. Found her, carried her heavy luggage kept them inside the cab and reached at hotel.

Sometimes I think often that Which name suits with this love? The proper answer still not found.


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