Everybody likes encouragement and I am one of everybody

Great feelings one feels when his any work, any attempt is encouraged.

On February 3, 2017 suddenly my Facebook account was disabled and a long message sent by some Simi from community Facebook where she stated my activity in Facebook was not the community standard because I asked people to like my page, share my page, comment my page. Here page means, Facebook page. Also the strong allegation against me was I asked people to copy paste java script etc etc.

Reading that message I started smiling that I am master of java script. I never went any computer class and frankly speaking before 2006 I had no email ID and havoc panic on computer and internet. So far I can remember that once I had urgency to send a email to a company. I have had no personal computer, so I went a nearby cyber cafe of my home. 

Requested the owner of that cyber cafe to type the draft and send it to the email where I had to send. He was humiliating me, it hurts me then because then I had no idea that if I want to send email to anyone I must have a email ID too.

That day I promised myself that I have to learn basic knowledge of computer as well as internet. But the question came in mind that who will learn me? Ultimately I decided that I will learn myself. The mission was started then. At initial stage I cannot hold mouse properly but never gave up, tried day by day, after 7 days I was abled to hold the mouse properly. The confidence point was there in me that I understand the English language well and its vernacular translation. I was maintaining a note book and taken note step by step about any programme related to various computer and internet matter. Learnt then searching in net about HTML, how to make a website, how to make a splash page, about blogging, how to earn money by writing blog or article also learnt online marketing technique. But never tried java.

Recent learnt making app.

But I was surprised to read the allegation which brought Facebook authority. I understood their problem’s side. Here not mentioning what is that.

Anyway on the night of February 3, 2017 I joined in Tumblr and started posting. Next day I had completed 10 posts and got their first encouraging message, the same happens here, in WordPress, after making 5 unusual blog post.

The man who has strong zeal no one can stop him to progress forward.


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