February 6, 2017

Monday never supports me anymore. I have noticed no good task I can do on Monday. Today I need some money to combat my debt burden which is a massive pressure creating in every month and enhancing too. I was scared forever about debt. Usually I did avoid to borrow from any individual also from any institution. But due to keep sentiment and silence on growing emotion I was bound to take loan.

One can take loan if income permits to repay in time. But, when income is limited and expenses are at par on the basis of income then repaying loan seeks either additional income or curtle expenses or loan over loan. Curtle over expenses in all time is not possible if you depend on medicines, depend on food, compulsion of paying electricity bill, home tax, land revenue, laundry bill, news paper bill, grocery bill, social relation maintenance expenses — you cannot curtle a single money from these expenses. Reverse due to inflation these expenses grow up and up whenever your income is static. Market dynamism and static income included loan, no space will reserve for you to combat with.

The real essence of the day, I mean Monday gives me a full frustration because of I cannot earn extra money to combat my loan burden. There are two type of people who does not scare of repayment of loan – one is rich people and another is beggar nature people. In general, rich people willful defaulter to the bank or financial institution. The current example is wine baron Vijay Mallya. Beggar nature people do not bother of court, police, the best examples are state minister and politicians of ruling party.

NPA is a manufactured phrase because credit manager knowing all risks parameter passes loan to the rich. Rich can fight legally and extend the case to infinite time.

The major problem have to face the middle class, oh no! I am wrong, they would be median not middle class. Median is a marginal line in between 5,000 to 20,000 monthly earner. I call them sandwich class. Neither they can make own self to defaulter of any loan nor can fight in court also they have fear of society and the criticism.

I think, I guess, I do seem that every median’s Monday is a dark day.

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